At a glance, splurging on something nice may seem like materialism, or a shallow escape from reality. But is there a positive, spiritual side to shopping? Can ‘retail therapy’ really be therapeutic? Mainstream studies are beginning to say yes-but it’s not as simple as throwing caution to the wind. Your psychic state can make all the difference.

Visualising a new you

It’s no secret that visualisation is a powerful psychic tool. Every day, greater numbers of modern scientists are agreeing with what mystics have been saying for ages-namely that the universe responds to our thoughts and intentions! As a result, there are countless visualisation techniques in the world today, including things like meditation, trance, and modern rituals.

We often don’t realise it on a conscious level, but shopping is another way to visualise. When we shop-whether it’s for a new chair, a new cooker or a new outfit-we are actively engaged in a form of visualisation. We imagine how life will look with the new item, and in doing so, we visualise the life we want. Our hopes and dreams are brought to the foreground, and we scan the shops for things that symbolise our coming closer to these goals.

Impulse vs. Intuition 이미테이션

What’s the difference, then, between a positive and negative shopping experience? The answer is simple: It’s all in whether or not we are connected to our intuition while we shop. If we are linked to the bigger picture of who we are, then shopping will bring energy and inspiration into our lives. Positive emotions and energetic growth will result. It will indeed be therapeutic!

If, on the other hand, we use shopping as a way to escape or cover up existing problems, then we will likely be met with negativity and buyer’s remorse. Our choices will not be aligned with our most important personal goals, and we will feel it.

That’s not to say that shopping can’t be a nice pick-me-up when you’re feeling down; indeed, heading to the mall can be a healing experience. But a fundamentally positive attitude allows you to shop on a higher vibration. It allows you to see if a purchase is really good for you, or if you are better of without it. This makes all the difference when you get back home, walk through the front door, and set down your bags.

Pre-shopping meditation

So, shopping is not beneficial or harmful in itself-it depends entirely on our own psychic state. Sometimes, when we are feeling rough, a bag of well-chosen goodies can lift our spirits and inspire us to meet life’s challenges with greater gusto. There are also times when we can’t see clearly enough to shop well, and the results weigh us down more than anything.

A little pre-shopping meditation may be just the thing to determine whether today is the right day to grab your handbag and head out the door. This can be as simple as sitting down, closing your eyes, and focusing on your breath for five minutes. Are you in a clear state of mind? Is there anything in particular that is troubling you, or any reason why you might be using retail as an excuse? Visualise your dreams, those things you want most in life. See yourself inching closer to your dreams through the shopping you are about to do. Imagine yourself coming home feeling refreshed and inspired.