The new smartphone from Oppos is the OnePlus 9R. It is equipped with a beautiful 6.55 inch display with a crystal clear cover. It also comes with a powerful dual camera, a unique Oxygen sensor, a fantastic multi-tasking engine, a fast and efficient fingerprint scanner, a high resolution camera, a heart rate monitor, and many features. This phone is the latest installment of its flagship OnePlus 9 Series. OnePlus 9R 5G

The OnePlus 9R’s design is quite similar to the iPhone 7 Plus. However, it boasts of a lot more features than its counterpart. With a six-inch full-HD capacitive touchscreen, it is much larger than the iPhone which makes it more appealing to use. As for connectivity, the smartphone comes with a 5G USB cable. In addition, this power packed smartphone comes with Wi-Fi and Dual- Mode iPad Connect, a great network option in India.

One of the most striking features of the smartphone is its large and bright screen which is quite a big departure from the Android counterparts. The large size also allows it to be used comfortably even if you are sitting on the bed. Apart from this, it comes with two tone ringtones, colourful soft keys, neat navigation bar, a gorgeous fingerprint scanner, a heart rate monitor, a media centre, and many more. The price of the handset is comparatively higher than its predecessors but still very competitive in the market. The starting price of the smartphone is $400 and owing to its high end features, this price tag is quite reasonable.

The two major features that make the smartphone so special are the dual camera setup and the presence of a huge fingerprint scanner. Dual camera setup by the smartphone is just fantastic. It offers a great way to create your own unique content with your friends and family. A single click will direct you to your latest snap. Apart from this, it provides a perfect platform for adding a lot of features and customizing the user interface which can be done with ease. The fingerprint scanner is also something that has made this handset stand out in the crowd of smart smartphones.

Apart from the above mentioned features, the OnePlus 9r has some interesting features like a boot menu, notification centre, a Zen UI, a fingerprint scanner, an IPod charging port, an expandable memory, a heart rate monitor, a front-mounted projector, a USB fast charger, a ambient light sensor, and a secondary display. The boot menu offers users the opportunity to perform system updates, software updates, and perform system maintenance without having to unlock the phone. Apart from this, it comes pre-loaded with most of the popular Android applications such as Google Maps, Google Now, Android Market, and Gmail. The notification center of this smartphone offers live access to the social media accounts and offers a complete overview of the email, texting, calendars and messages on your Android device. This is one of the best smartphone offers you get from the market.

The powerful processor inside the smartphone along with the high-end design make this device one of the most desirable and powerful available in the market. Apart from this, it offers an impressive gaming experience that lets you enjoy a number of games right from your home, via your smartphone. Apart from this, it has a very large memory that stores all your information along with the recent call log and many other vital data. It also offers a nice wallpaper that matches its main camera and enables you to see your best pictures every time you switch on your smartphone. The OnePlus 9R gives you a lot of options to customize your smartphone and make it a mobile experience that fulfills all your needs.